I wrote artificial intelligence software that composes music. Below is some of its compositions. Remember that this music was written solely by a computer  running Pirkle's Music Composition Studio (PMCS).

If you like this music, click here to get a free copy of this software.


Piano music composed by PMCS

Piano Rhapsody 1

Piano Rhapsody 2

Symphonic & other music composed by PMCS

Symphonic Scherzo

An Arrangement of

Rhapsody for Flute and Orchestra

Quartet for Piano, Violin, Clarinet
          & Flute

Concertos composed by PMCS

Piano Concerto

Piano Concerto

Jazz music composed by PMCS

Jazz 1

Jazz 2

Jazz 3

Jazz 4

Blues music written by PMCS

Blues 1

Blues 2

Reggae music composed by PMCS


Avant Garde music composed by PMCS

                Avant Garde Music