About me

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    My Profession - Software Developer

    My Education - BA in Mathematics, Georgia State University

    My Favorite Ice Cream - Chunky Monkey

    My First Car - 1949 Ford

    My Current Car - 1973 Porsche 914 2.0  click here for
                          pictures of this cool car

    My Hobbies - Playing piano, writing poetry, ham radio, fencing,      working on my Porsche

    My Favorite Non-serious Movie - Dr. Strangelove

    My Favorite Serious Movie - My Fair Lady

    My Favorite Rock Band - the Beatles

    My Favorite Beatle - John Lennon
(click here to hear my musical tribute to John)

    My Favorite Beatle song - Strawberry Fields Forever

    My Favorite Composer - Chopin (click here to see him)

    My Favorite Quote - "They know enough who know how to learn",
                               H. Adams, U.S Historian     

    My Astrological sign - Libra (10/16/42)

    My Fraternity - Kappa Sigma 

    My Mind Orientation - Right Brain, I am left handed

    My Favorite Poem - Invictus, click here to read it

    My Geneology - Click here

    My Travels - Sweden, Amsterdam, Germany, France, England, Italy, Austria, Bahrain, Dubai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Columbia, Ecuador, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Mexico, Canada, Alaska, 45 US states.

   Political Orientation - I am a conservative. Click here to see what we believe.




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